About Burgundy Beyond

Vintage wines in the cellar at Corton André estate, Aloxe Corton

Vintage wines in the cellar at Corton André estate, Aloxe Corton

La Route des Grands Crus - Côte d'Or

La Route des Grands Crus – Côte d’Or


Our purpose is to provide valuable information and assistance to wine professionals and wine lovers from around the world. We specialize in the Burgundy and neighbouring wine regions. As its name suggests, Burgundy Beyond goes beyond Burgundy to explore wine regions around France.

Burgundy Beyond also explains, in a simple but informative way, the complexities of Burgundy wines and helps readers to become familiar with not only the grape varietals Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, but also the famous “Terroir” and wine classification (reading and understanding the labels), the 44 different wine villages (their aroma & flavour profiles), food and wine pairing tips and many articles about famous events and wine makers.

Bourgundy Beyond is part of Vingenius Consulting Ltd.

Wine should always be a moment of fun and happiness, sharing the right wine, with the right friends, at the right time and with the right food! This website is not about “wine snobbery”, but helps the reader discover how to get the best from their wine with some useful tips and suggestions. It also answers many frequently asked questions…

If you wish to visit Burgundy’s wineries, purchase wine or invest in wines or a vineyard, then contact us on our “Contact Form” and we’ll get right back to you.

So have a read, sign up and spread the word…


Stephen Liney

Burgundy wine specialist


Stephen LINEY

2 Responses to About Burgundy Beyond

  1. Jennifer Miller says:

    Hi Stephen!
    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas yesterday… And that Tom’s ride worked out so you didn’t have to drive for hours to get him 🙂

    I’m emailing from Paris because I didn’t want to wait until I got home (1/18) to tell you how inspired I was by the amazing day on Sunday. It was truelly one of the best experiences of my life to date and has had my mind on overdrive about what the next phase of my working life might become. I thank you very dearly for the stories of your experiences, the history, the free sharing of your knowledge, and the passion you exude! It all really left an impression that will not be easily erased… As I mentioned it is snowballing in my brain. I love how you changed your whole career for the 2nd part of your life (as I hope to do). Thank you also for joining me for lunch… It was nice to keep the conversation going.

    I sense that this all unfolding is the reason why I felt drawn to Dijon when people asked “why do you want to go there?”. So I very much hope that we can be in touch as I would love to be able to siphon some of what you bring to your vocation as I try to make my way in the maze of the wine industry. Perhaps our contact can bring clarity for me and a future of my contributing to what you are building… Who knows??!!

    I thank you again and look forward to our correspondence!

  2. Karen and Ming says:

    Hi Stephen

    Many thanks for your wine tour and for your very Informative and insightful introduction to Burgundy. Can you pls whatsapp me or Ming at +65-97684693 or +97663830 or drop me an email at Dr.karensoh@hmail.com urgently. We may visit a few more vineyards tomorrow and will need to ship the wines together

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